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Oh great, another blog, much less a blog about commercial real estate. Mortice CRE

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

Finally, a blog about commercial real estate. I was so hoping someone would finally launch something like this. Ok, Ok, I get it, not more waxing about cap rates or the overreaching hand of government.

My blog will be focused on the happenings in the Charlotte region, happenings at Mortice CRE, occasional musings about growing or dying firms, trips to Ireland, MCM furniture and design, in short, everything but true crime or politics.

Steven Tice of Mortice CRE
Steven Tice of Mortice CRE

Go ahead, subscribe - it's free (like anyone would pay for this)

So give my blog a chance, you may learn something you did not know, or merely learn to stop subscribing to blogs.

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