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Concord Continues To March Forward

Downtown continues progressing, and we are closer to the end than the beginning.

The last major pain point is the closure of the intersection of Union and Cabarrus, which occurred last week and will remain closed for approximately 2 months as all new infrastructure is installed.

Then on to the last leg - Union to Kilkenny (By Wells Fargo).

Additionally -

Two of the three Novi buildings are now leasing, and the Novi Flats space has started to be clad in brick.

Lilly's nearby campus is expected to begin production this year and shipping in 2025. Lilly's total investment now appears to be around TWO Billion dollars! Over 400 of the expected 600 jobs have already been filled.

Lastly, apparently, Red Bull will finally flip the switch on its project across the street from Lilly later this year! That will be another one - two billion dollars invested in Concord!


Concord, nc downtown streetscape
Downtown Concord on 5/29/24

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